We offer Referral Marketing Programs for real estate agencies to market their new or old properties.
People are 4 times more likely to make a purchase when referred by a friend!
LeadGlint Industries Realestate

It's Super easy to use the product, this is how it works:

Referral Campaign :

Create referral campaign using LeadGlint templates and reward mechanism. Create a Referral page/pop-up deployable on website or give your customer a special link which is sharable on all social media & messenger platforms.
Leadglint Referral Campaign
Leadglint Referral
Refer A Friend Software

Sign-up and Refer :

Your customer click’s on your unique invite and sign-up to complete the process. This way you will get more unique & qualified customers.
Leadglint Referral

Reward your Customer :

Upon registration customer will get a reward and lead will get captured in your system.
Referral Reward Program